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Putting our bodies where are hearts and faith lead us…

We are heading to San Ysidro Friday and Saturday.

People of faith from all over California will be gathering this weekend in San Ysidro, CA to protest the warehousing of children and families seeking safety in the U.S.  Even if children are kept with their families going forward, we will not stand by idly while our sisters and brothers are treated with inhumane disregard and lies are told about the deadly reality of their life circumstances.  Family jails are no less morally repugnant.

Many people agree that our immigration policies are in dire need of redress. However, people of conscience and faith all over the country are decrying the inhumane detentions, often of indeterminate lengths of time, and the separation of family members, many of whom still do not know to where their parents or children have been taken.

All St. Luke members and friends are welcome to join in this visual statement and lamentation of people of faith, speaking out for the dignified treatment of immigrants and asylees. 

St. Luke members will be leaving on Friday and returning late Saturday night.  If you would like to be a part of this living statement of faith, please call the church office as soon as possible  818 436-3070.  Coordination of carpooling and lodging options is currently underway.   — Pastor Janet

— Additional resources/information:
Many have been crying out in recent days for a way to respond to the brutality being experienced by migrant families being held in Detention Centers across the country.  Young children are being traumatized and separated from their parents and siblings, often to be detained in cages or handed off to caregivers who have not been adequately vetted or prepared to respond to their needs.

The ELCA and many other faith-based organizations have made public statements asking for our Federal leaders both working in immigration and our Congress to re-think the increasingly severe policy of family detentions, in the hopes of a more humane solution.

For those who are looking for ways to register concern about this situation, the following resources are offered.
Two bills are being proposed in Congress, both of which would further restrict access to asylum in the U.S. for families fleeing for their lives, particularly from Central America. Both bills seek to further restrict options for families and children seeking safety.

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