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Pastor’s Ponderings…

The story of the day of Pentecost is packed with power!
  • The power of the ancient history of the 50 days post Passover celebration within the Hebrew community draws people together.
  • The power of God to transform a point in time into something completely unexpected is once again demonstrated.
  • The Spirit’s power is unleashed in the hearts and tongues of the diverse population and…
  • God’s presence materializes in the power of flames that dance but don’t consume.
It’s amazing, and exciting and miraculous and beyond mysterious! And not easily dismissed! After all Peter assures us they weren’t drunk, it wasn’t a magic show, it was real people, praising God in real languages… Hard to deny that God was doing something powerful and amazing!

Do you ever wish God would show up with that kind of obvious power today?  Wouldn’t it be great if God’s Spirit would blow through the churches and re-focus ALL the followers of Jesus to be of 1 mind to prioritize care of the planet and the poor, to put an end to denigrating inequalities of justice, race or nationalities…?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the Spirit were to descend with the power to enable all people to hear in their own words the truth of God’s love for ALL people, no exceptions!?

We sing and pray COME, HOLY SPIRIT! on Sunday! Come BIG and POWERFUL; make your presence undeniable!  We come looking not only for the obvious places where God’s power is at work, but also for the eyes and ears and hearts to be able to recognize where God’s Spirit is already quietly transforming the world!

And we pray that God would fan the flames of faith in our lives to intensify the fire of our discipleship – to burn with desire to offer ourselves to be a part of all that the Spirit is doing in the world!

Come, Holy Spirit, Come with Power as you did on that first Pentecost day! Transform us and our world!

Pr. Janet

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