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Pastor’s Ponderings…

We continue this Sunday, to reflect on how it is that we find life and strength and JOY in Jesus, our risen savior, teacher and friend.

Again we hear the invitation to ABIDE in God’s love. We often speak about the love of God and how central faith is to our lives, but do you ever find yourself focusing on your daily frustrations and challenges more than the power of the risen Christ to hold us in the midst of ALL kinds of life’s experiences? Every day we are faced with so much that can command our attention:  national and international chaos, disease and disappointments, the challenges of self-centeredness, compassion, tending to the poor and the larger vision of changing our world to reflect our prayers, “on Earth as it is in Heaven!”. It’s a lot. But God makes it clear that no matter what the circumstances, we have access to God’s peace and joy as we abide in God.

Joy in Christ defies circumstances and shouts the possibilities of God’s promises in the face of all evidence of terror and gloom. And joy is one of the most contagious experiences of life! Where there is joy, there is usually a deep peace, a sense of freedom, a genuine caring for others and a grateful exuberance about life itself!  We are drawn to people who live in joy!

How’s your joy quotient these days? Are you feeling the joy of living in God’s resurrection power? Is anything blocking your joy? What needs to be moved out to make room for greater joy?

Come as you are on Sunday, stay until you have received the gift of joy that comes with finding our life in the risen Christ!

Thank you for the joy you all bring to the St. Luke faith family!
Pr. Janet

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