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Pastor’s Ponderings…

We call it Good Shepherd Sunday. Each year, in the season of Easter, we read several of the scriptures that depict Jesus as the one who cares for the people of God, represented by sheep. The shepherd imagery can be found in many places; Sunday we hear from the Gospel of John, the book of 1st John, Acts 4 as well as the well known 23rd Psalm.

The biblical images conjure up a sense of security, comfort and safety. We smile when we see the little stuffed lambs and children’s toys which are especially cute at Easter. At the same time, real sheep are not quite so cuddly! They are smelly, not always particularly “bright” and very much in need of protection from predators. To accept Jesus as our shepherd raises some questions about how we see ourselves in relationship to Jesus!

Sometimes we use the label of people acting like “sheep” in some not so positive ways. How do we think about our relationship to Jesus? Are we “smelly” at times in our sin? Do we sometimes follow the sound of God’s voice and find our safety in Christ? Do we sometimes follow the wrong voices, blindly, and find ourselves lost? Would we love to be cradled in Jesus’ arms?

Sunday we will meditate on the shepherd imagery – and we’ll do that using music wherever possible, lots of singing and listening for the Shepherd’s voice. Come to enter into the song of prayer, and the safety of relationship with the One who tends to us, at our best and at our worst.

It would be “baaaaaaaaaaad” to miss worship this week! 😉

Pr. Janet

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