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Pastor’s Ponderings…

Resurrection comes in many shapes and sizes. Have you been aware this week of signs of God bringing Resurrection power into the world? Where have you witnessed to the power of God to bring new life, where there once was death or suffering or despair? Maybe in yourself as well as in the world around you?
Some examples that come to mind for me from my own life as well as others I’ve had the privilege to be with this week are:
  • a moment of gaining a new perspective on a long-standing difficulty.
  • realizing anew the significance of a  genuine community; having our belonging confirmed and growing
  • a reduction of anxiety in troubled times as we remind each other that we are not alone in our struggles
  • a rising momentum toward naming and acting for better care of creation; parts of the nation waking up to the urgency of this responsibility
  • hearing voices of reason, calm, and hope persistently calling us to our best selves, even amid chaos and betrayal
  • newness and renewal surprising us as it emerges from unexpected places
  • encouragement from another person’s faith and the good will of those outside the faith family.

These are vague descriptions but I imagine you recognize some similar kinds of developments in your life and in those you love and in the world in general.

Developing the eyes of our hearts to focus in on where God is at work in wonderful and beautiful and surprising ways can be a powerful antidote to the disheartening news with which we are being bombarded every day.
Christ is Risen!  Let’s keep an eye out for reminders of that! Training our hearts and minds to stay in the light, even as we fight the darkness.
Risen, Indeed! And witnesses to it!
Pr. Janet

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