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Pastor's Ponderings..

During the Sundays of Lent we are taking a closer look at the covenants God has made with God’s people and walking through the story of Jesus’ teaching, death and resurrection once again.
The covenant with Noah shows us a God who promises to not do us harm, but instead promises to always be with us.
the covenant with Abraham and Sarah shows a God who desires to be in relationship with all creation, who builds a community and makes the impossible, possible.
The covenant God makes with Moses is an expression of care — all that is included in the Ten Commandments serves to build up the community of people God has brought together.
This Sunday we consider how God saves the weak, the weary, the worried and the wandering band of freed slaves. Look up and believe, look to the presence of God in your midst and trust! The image of a serpent was the tool Moses used to quiet the fervor and fear of the meandering Israelites Today, we look for Jesus in our midst and the signs that we are for each other that God is with us.
This Sunday, we take special care to consider modern refugees and immigrants and how we bring hope and God’s love to those bands of hurting humanity whom God loves and desires to save & heal.
Are you giving thought to the 1st commandment in your life this week? Join us tonight at 6:30pm for some community covenant love and Sunday at 9:30a.m. Together, our prayers and actions make a difference in the world!

See you in church,
Pastor Janet

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