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Pastor's Ponderings…

In the season of ADVENT we enter into the story of humanity longing for, waiting for a savior.  We hear the voices of our ancestors, oppressed and suffering, telling the stories generation after generation about a time that would one day arrive when God would act on their behalf.   They longed for the day when what was wrong would be righted, when the powerful and cruel would be brought low and the meek and just would instead hold the reigns in society.

CHRISTMAS is the fulfillment of that longing, the Christ Child comes into the world to bring the power and presence of God clearly into human history.

Now, in EPIPHANY, we look for signs of God’s presence everywhere. The light of God shines and God’s presence is taking hold in the world. As God is being revealed, we learn to listen for and recognize the voice of God, and we are confronted to find our own response to the invitation to “follow”.

Our liturgical calendar walks us through the call and response of the Christian life; God is revealed and we are asked…come and follow!  So now, how do we best live out our response?

See you on Sunday!
Pastor Janet

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