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Pastor’s Ponderings…

The disciples were baffled that Jesus was sleeping in the boat as the waves crashed upon them and they took on water.  A treacherous moment; a cartoonist might have a lot of fun with this story.  Can’t you just see Jesus sleepily stretching, yawning, and then like hitting a snooze button, he asked the waves to quiet down a bit. Pesky waves.

What seemed like a catastrophic moment to the disciples, wasn’t much more than an annoyance to Jesus.

This week we also hear the story of David and Goliath.  Again anyone with a firm grasp on reality standing on Israel’s side of the valley likely felt they were in the final days, if not moments, of their life.  But the force is strong in the little Padawan!  I mean, the Spirit of God resided in David’s heart and mind and with every confidence in God’s righteous power, David takes on the legendary giant warrior and trips him up just enough to have Goliath’s own size contribute to his downfall (literally and figuratively!).

We face storms – real and metaphorical.  We face giants – real and self-proclaimed.  Jesus is present with us; the Spirit is strong in us.  God’s ways cannot be thwarted.

Sunday we sing and dance and bring praise to God, trusting that the truth of God’s reign finds a way, regardless of the size of the challenge. Size matters not.  As Luther says, where evil is concerned, “one little word subdues him”.

See you in worship.
Pastor Janet

* We will take our “little words”, in our shepherd’s bags, to the U.S. / Mexico border on Friday to challenge the might of Goliath-like forces bent on destruction and disregard for hurting immigrant families trying to find safety. All are welcome to participate

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