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Pastor’s Ponderings…

On Sunday, following worship, we’ll gather in Pontoppidan Hall for our bi-annual Congregational Meeting.  As a matter of course, we hold 2 congregational meetings each year; 1 in Jan./Feb. to vote on a budget that will fund our mission and ministry for the fiscal/calendar year and a 2nd meeting usually May/June to review how the program year has gone, elect new Council members and confirm any other business that might be necessary. This Sunday we will also hear a summary of the events of the Synod Assembly, hear about some exciting new developments in the Twin Valley Conference (San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys) as well as highlighting a few campus projects set for the not too distant future.
I know most of us don’t look forward to meetings in general; they are often not the most riveting use of an hour of our time. Nevertheless, our Congregational meetings represent more than just “doing the business of the church”.  They are, in fact, an expression of the commitment we have together to our collective mission and goals. It is also a time for members to offer input and feedback and to hear news of projects and visions that the Council has been working on or considering.  It is a time to invite new and developing leadership from among our members, to continue to enrich our life together and further the ministry of God in this community.
So, please plan on staying after worship for this important time we spend together. Your Council members are working diligently to make good use of our time together and are eager for our collective conversations!

*ALSO…Please also take special note of the Synod Assembly which begins on Friday and the special worship service on Saturday – everyone is invited to attend!  The worship time highlighting the experience of Native Americans promises to be a very special experience!  (CLU is a short 20-25 min. drive and parking is relatively easy) I hope to see you there! If you need a ride, please contact the church office.

God’s peace and invigorating Spirit be with you this week!
Pastor Janet 

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